Sunday, February 7, 2016

SO ENGAGED & SO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still in shock that this happened... my love of my life, my best friend, my partner in crime, my adventure buddy asked me to marry him! Like what!?

So what you have all been waiting for.... Heres the story :)
and here is the link to the YouTube video I made :)

Before he proposed, I had been so busy with school and life that we haven't had much time to really talk about the future and all those things since well we were just both at school, seeing each other on the weekends and just having a fun time. These past couple months though he had been dropping little questions such as like when would I want to get married, or how big is my ring size and so forth. The funny thing about it all is that I was so oblivious to it since Mitchell has always been the one to ask me questions about everything so it really was not out of the norm for him to ask me these things. A week before the proposal Mitchell and I were snapchatting about being able to see each other that upcoming weekend (since we only get to see each other every other weekend) and just about life. Then the topic came up about being engaged since well I am a girl and I obviously thing about those things.... And so we was like lets plan for maybe around May and I was like sure why not! Then thinking, alright time to start getting fit so when May comes I will be in good shape hahaha. 

That weekend on Friday I had school all day and then once I was out I raced home so I could get ready and see him. I was watching my new puppy at the house since my mom was in Vegas for my little brothers baseball tournament, my dad was on a work trip, and my other brother was in San Diego. I was all bummed since Mitchell wanted to hangout and my parents did not want me to leave the puppy home alone. So I brought the puppy to his house to hangout, have all his siblings meet the puppy, and to figure out what we were doing that night. Mitchell's sister Kara had a dance concert that night so we were going to go to that but then my dad had to go on a later flight so I had to stay and watch the dog which made me really sad cause I wanted to be with Mitchell at his sisters dance concert. I was then talking to my friends about how that night sucked and I was all bummed and bored. Little did I know that it would be the best weekend of my life. 
That night I was able to go to the concert for a little then we went over to our friend Nate's new house that Hannah and him will live in when they get married in June. We were talking wedding hashtags for them as a joke and then they asked what Mitchell and mines would be and I said jokingly #finally. And of course I was joking and then Mitchell made like a WOAH face and it was just a funny moment. Then that night he even said that we should have some more time and I said I completely agreed since I would wait forever if it still means I get to married Mitchell. 

Saturday I was in a weird mood since I had a lot of homework to do and Mitchell left to go dirt biking with his dad and brother. He was gone all day and I was complaining about how bored I was. I was happy he got to go be with his dad but then I was being selfish and wanting to hangout with him. I told him that I was bummed but then happy for him. When he got home that night I went over to his house to hangout and go in the jacuzzi. Mitchell said that he would take me on a cute date Sunday night before he left for school. In my head I was thinking... "aw he feels really had" hahaha.

Sunday came and I woke up extra early to do homework before church. I then packed a bunch of clothes (like I usually do) to have when I hangout with Mitchell after church since when he is home thats what we usually do. I brought comfy homework clothes then a date night outfit. During church Mitchell was being so sweet and so cute to me and I was just melting. I did not want him to go to school the next day. During lunch at church we were talking with all our friends and having a fun time. Mitchell then said he had to go home and concentrate on his essay that was due. This wasnt out of the normal cause it is rare that Mitchell can concentrate when we do homework together. But I was kinda bummed since I wanted to spend time with him. I was asking all my friends what they were doing and they said they had homework, errands, or having to drive back to their schools. I was kinda whatever at that point and was fine with going home and getting some homework done. I was happy though to have a fun night with Mitchell. 
Mitchell came to my house around 4ish to hangout. He said that we had some time to kill before dinner so we just hung out in my room and was playing with the puppy. Once we left my house in the car I was talking to Mitchell about school and stuff and he kept kinda quiet. I didn't find it too weird till he was on his phone and wouldn't show me. He had been a little secretive with his phone recently and I was trying not to be paranoid about it but then I finally spoke up saying "why are you always on your phone and not showing me!!!!" Then he looked at me with a smile saying sorry my mom is mad about me wanting to stay home Valentines weekend with you while they ski and I need to clear this up. I felt so bad since I didnt want to be a reason why his mom was mad. I kept asking where we were going and he said it was a surprise. After we pulled into the restaurant Cannons overlooking the Dana Point Harbor. He was like.. "well have you eaten at cannons?" and I got all excited since it was a nice place. He then said that we couldn't go eat yet since it was too early and that he has a little surprise for me. He got a picnic basket out of his car and an umbrella since it had been raining all day. We walked over to this gazebo to look out at the harbor and I was just talking about random things while he stayed quiet and concentrated. He then told me he had a little gift for me and I just thought he was going to make up for Valentines day since he was going to be gone. He pulled out from the basket a fern and a letter. He said this is for you and I thought aww this is cute but confused since I did not know if the thought a fern was like flowers hahaha. So little did I know that the fern had a meaning. He pulled out a letter and started to read it to me. The fern represent my favorite movie How To Loose a Guy In 10 Days. In the letter he said, "quit the opposite I am not trying to loose you". Then he said all these other beautiful things about me and our relationship. It was the sweetest things I have ever heard. At this point I still did not think he was going to proposed. In the letter he said "hopefully future wife" and thats why I thought he is not proposing. Then when he read half way through it he wanted me to read the rest. As I grabbed the paper I really concentrated since I wanted to read the beautiful letter with elegance so I did not notice what he was doing in front of me. When I was done reading he said he had another little gift. He pulled out the umbrella and on the front it said "Rain or Shine, I love you always!" And I just though aww he got me a cute umbrella, then when he flipped the umbrella to go over his shoulder, on the inside it said "Marry me?" Thats when I fell into complete shock. I looked at the umbrella in disbelief and then Mitchell tossed it behind him and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I looked at that big, handsome smile on his face. He was so happy and just looked so excited. Then I realized he was holding a ring out. Once I saw the ring is when I could of fainted. It was my DREAM RING, right in front of me. I looked back at him and he was quietly waiting for an answer, thats when screamed YES!!!!!!!!!!! and jumped on him. I was still in complete shock but so happy. Then after we put the ring on and I could not believe my eyes. This ring is my absolute dream ring that I have loved for so long but never knew if I would have. Once the ring was on and we were hugging then I heard screams from across the way in the bushes and it was Hannah, Nate, Luke, Ashley and Brendan all cheering with their cameras. They came and ran over and we were all hugging and freaking out. I was still in so much shock that I knew what was going on but could not believe it. We took some pictures of just Mitchell and I and then Mitchell said he had a plan for us to all go out and get drinks. We went to this really cool bar with the friends and just talked about the proposal and wedding things. When we were there I was like "Mitchell can we eat cause im hungry" and he was like "oh yah how about we go to my house since its free food and my parents probably want to see us" so we headed over to his house with the group and when I walked in his whole family was there, my family and our other friends!!! It was all decorated with Mr. and Mrs. things with food and desserts. I was so shock! Thats when I started to cry and get all shaky. I could not believe all that was going on. I just thought Mitchell and I were going to dinner before he left for school and then all this happen! At the party all our friends and family were there. Even one of my best friends that goes to Arizona drove all the way just to be there. I was so grateful for everyone that came. I was in so much shock and disbelief still that I couldnt eat a single thing. I was talking to people and just trying to wrap my head around that Mitchell and I are engaged. After the party Mitchell drove me home and I just wanted to cry cause I was so happy. I was sad that he had to already head back to school, but I was so happy to think about that we have an exciting future together!
That night I could not sleep at all, I was so in love and so happy that I was up all night. Then I had to wake up at 4 in the morning to go to school. But the best part of it all was that Mitchell was my patient! So that made going to school so much better. After he had to go back to UCSB and I had to do a full week of school before I got to see him again. 
It has finally hit me that we are engaged. It took a couple days for it to really sink in. I am now more aware that we are since I was able to drive up to Santa Barbara this weekend to be with him. 
I can not wait to see what God has in store for our future. Mitchell is one of the biggest blessings God has given me. I think I was so in shock that I am engaged to Mitchell is the fact that when I first met Mitchell I was already obsessed with him. Besides his incredibly good looks, his heart for the Lord is encouraging. He has the funniest, sweetest, most outgoing personality. He is so wise and I feel like every time I go to him for a question he always has the right answer. Early into dating Mitchell I was obsessed with him. I loved everything about it, and I thought there is no way a girl like me could ever marry a man amazing like him. I fell deeply in love with him and also his family. If you were to ask me at a young age in whom I wanted to marry I have always said "a blonde boy that can make me laugh and thats my best friend." I praise the Lord for giving me Mitchell, someone that I can rejoice in the gift of marriage the Lord gives to his children. I am so in love with Mitchell and doing life with him sounds incredible. I know we will always have so much fun together!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Top Of The World Hike

The beautiful thing about not having school for a week is all the adventures I get to do. I was able to go to Santa Barbara (vlog here) and then hang with friends. Franny and I got to do lots of fun stuff so the vlog is coming soon! We went on a hike in Laguna (favorite hike) and it was so pretty and so much fun!

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year New Things!

Cheers to the New Year! 
 This year will be my year... I just know it. 
I am graduating this year and so many other things are happening such as weddings and fun trips!
2015 ended so great and then this year started off so great!

So before Christmas it was a busy week...
I had my friend Ashley dye my hair! She is in hair school so I thought why not it will be fun! So now I am like super blonde... call me Elsa. But I love it! Here is the YouTube video of it:

We had our friends annual Christmas party that I planned which included Holiday attire, gingerbread house contest and a white elephant gift exchange. Then Mitchell and I got to hangout with friends and do lots of fun things. Here are the YouTube videos of the party and other events:

After Christmas I joined the Hadley family in a skiing trip to Alta, Utah and it was the most magical trip ever. It was so beautiful and just so much fun. Here is the YouTube video of it:

Then after that I got to spend New Years with the LADIES! All the boys left for Charlies Wedding in Minnesota so we had a ladies new years full of fancy drinks, food, and of course dance party. Here is the YouTube video of it:

Then I came home from my trips to find...
My family got a new puppy and he is the cutest thing EVER. Here is the YouTube video of it:

Then reality happen and school started. I have been so busy with school since we have finals next week... but I am choosing to stay positive this new year and focus that I GRADUATE THIS YEAR. LIKE DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER.

So some of my New Year Resolutions I would like to share for this year are:
- Get good at skiing
-Spend more time with friends even with the business of school
-Start every morning with prayer and in His word
-Stay more positive 
-Eat healthier and exercise x5 a week
-Drink lots of water and less processed drinks
-Write neater 
-Date Mitchell more
-Stay organized with my room and school things
-Travel more!
-Put money into savings each week

Hope everyone is having a great New Years and I can not WAIT for what this year will bring!
Have you checked out my Vlog on YoutTube!?