Monday, October 5, 2015

What a cozy morning should look like....

With my busy schedule it is SO RARE for me to have a morning like this. Though, when I do, I do it right. I have my morning devotional and brew up some coffee, lite a candle, play some classical music, and then journal. 
Whats your favorite cozy morning routine?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My new favorite jewelry piece...

For my birthday I asked for a gold bar necklace since I have been eyeing them since they became popular over a year ago... So Mitchell being the sweetest got me a personalized gold bar necklace from The Silver Wren on etsy (I'll have the link below) Mine has M+J in the corner which is what I asked for since I think it's so much more special when the gold bar has something on it! And M+J means Mitchell + Jasmine for those who don't know about the boyfriend. These handmade necklace are absolutely stunning and I hope I able to order some more fun pieces! You can find The Silver Wren on for more designs and jewelry pieces! 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall Favorites '15

Happy Fall! 
I absolutely love fall outfits. Sadly I have to wear scrubs almost everyday so I go crazy on Pinterest looking at things that I wish I could be wearing. So here are some of my favorite fall trends. 
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dental Hygiene School

If you want to know anything about Dental Hygiene school one thing is...
It is HARD, TIRING, STRESSFUL, AND SO TIME CONSUMING that I cant remember the last time I got a full 5 hours of sleep at night.
But I love what I learn and I can not wait to work with real patients one day. So let the countdown begin...

I dont know about you...

For about a week before my actual birthday I had been playing "22" by Taylor Swift on repeat. If you know me you know how much I love Taylor Swift and how much I love birthdays. My birthday started a little but early because Mitchell came down from school to surprise me! I was running on the treadmill and he called me to come out, I was in shock for at least 48 hours. He is the absolute sweetest. He took me out to dinner and then we got to spend the weekend together studying (I had exams and Mitchell had finals) and having the best time. Then on my actual birthday I had a HUGE exam and class which was a bummer. I went to the mall after to treat myself to some shopping and buying myself my favorite candies at the Sweet Factor. After I got home and my best friends, Hannah and Franny, surprised to me a candle light dinner by the beach. Then later that next weekend Mitchell came back down and we got to celebrate again since my birthday present finally came in the mail. It is a necklace that I have been wanting forever, so I was super happy. It was perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I feel so blessed by all the love I have received for my birthday. So cheers to 22! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Someone is finally 21!

One of my best friends Franny is finally 21. My group of ladies planned a whole day for the birthday princess. We started by surprising her early in the morning with coffee, balloons, flowers, and screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Then we went out to Newport for a brunch and a day of shopping at Fashion Island. To end the night we had people over at her house and had pizza and an ice cream bar. It was a great day to celebrate Franny! 

Santa Barbara and Morro Bay

If you know me you know how I love road trips. I always bug Mitchell with road trip ideas and for places to go see. This time around Mitchell planned this trip all himself. Proud girlfriend over here!
I went up to Santa Barbara to see him at school and we went up to Morro Bay for a fun adventure. 
Mitchell is my adventure buddy, we always have the best, funniest, most random, greatest times. We both are very like "yah we will try this or do this why not!" And that makes the adventure so much fun. 
I have always wanted to go up north and this was a little bit more north than Santa Barbara which made me excited! 
The day started out with our drive up getting food and passing by a shooting range and thinking why not check it!? So basically we walked in and the guy showed us around and we got to try out a gun! It was so cool. After we went into Morro Bay, traveled around the town, went kayaking with some sea otters and then went to a fun dinner. 
I love when I get to make memories like this with my love. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Green with a mix of ocean Blue

Look Who Is Back !?

OK I will tell you...
It is me!
I feel so bad that I have ignored my poor blog, though I have been so crazy busy with life (whats new) that I haven't even had time to pull up blogger. 
One day I will be able to post all the time. With school it is very difficult since I am the busiest I have ever been before in my life. 
Though here is a little recap in what has been going on around here. 
Dental Hygiene school is amazing. It is the most difficult thing I have ever experienced, but I am so excited to be a future dental hygienist. 
My school schedule is basically this
  • 4:45am rise and shine
  • 6:30am school time 
  • Classes Monday thur Friday from morning to night
  • 5:00pm probably home, sometimes later 
  • 5:30pm-11:00pm homework, studying, hopefully have time to work out 
  • 12:00 bed time

then it starts back up that next day
So as you can see I am pretty busy, with that I am trying my best to be a good girlfriend and friend to others. 

Mitchell and I are doing well. He is back in Santa Barbara, which obviously I hate. Though the beauty of long distance I am able to really focus on school and see him when I can. Weekends have become our favorite time.  Either I will adventure my way up there to see him or he will come home. 

Other than that it has been pretty relaxed around here. I have been able to have some fun around here such as:
River Trip to Parker, AZ

 Nights with my best friends 

Visiting the lifeguard on his last day of work

 Beach days

 Seeing Will Ferrel in Laguna, he is the one in the white rash guard and straw hat. 

Wedding season!