Tuesday, May 19, 2015

chandlers bridal shower

I still cant believe that one of my best friends is getting married. Chandler has been in my life for the longest time and she is the first out of my friends to get hitched! Well first of my close friends.
 I remember years ago, Chan and I would talk about marriage and who would get married first and its crazy to think that the day has finally come. And I get to be in a wedding... Like how exciting!!
So now we only have three more weeks till Chandler comes a Mrs. 
So let the countdown begin

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Beer, Baseball, and my Babes

Girls Night!!!!!!!
It was a well needed girls night with my lovely besties. Hannah, Franny, Natalie, and I all went to the Angels game. Thanks to my dad we are able to get free tickets only 7 rows up from the dugout! Like killer seats you can even smell the sweat from the players ;)
anywho.... it was such a fun night getting baseball snacks, goofing around and just hanging together

Santa BABEara

For those you don’t know, my insanely cute boyfriend Mitchell goes to UCSB, which means he lives up in Santa Barbara. Which makes our relationship long distance. Yes, I get to see him usually every two weeks, which is not bad at all compared to when he studied abroad and that was a couple months. Though from going to see him almost everyday to nothing hurts. It’s no fun since he is my absolute best friend/partner in crime/love. Its sucks not to spend days with him laughing and goofing around. Though I am so blessed to be able to have weekends were I do get to see him and it makes all those sad feeling flutter away. 
This past weekend I was able to go up to Santa Barbara, which is always the best time. Like the best weekend ever. The drive is so fun and so pretty, I love it. And I just love road trips so that’s a bonus. But most of all, I get to have Mitchell all to myself for the weekend. 
The weekend started out with me getting there Friday afternoon time, grabbing some lunch at Chipotle, heading to the beach to hang with his friends then a fun night out downtown getting drinks. Saturday we had a fun morning making pancakes and then we got ready and cruised around Isla Vista. Then we met up with Hannah, Nathan, Franny and Olivia who drove up for the day to ride bikes around for Hannah’s Birthday. And the night ended with getting drinks at this really fun Mexican food place and Mitchell tripping while running (basically we were running and me being slow and emabrressed of my heavy breathing he turned to see where I was and he tripped) and twisting his ankle.... So it was a short night with us ending up watching Netflix’s and icing his poor foot. Sunday came too soon and we got to have a little breakfast in the morning and then off to church. After was sad since I had to head back home :( the weekends just go by too fast. Though I was so thankful I got to spend the weekend with my love. 
But can we get a Woot Woot that we are almost done with a whole school year of long distance!? Boy did that sorta/kinda fly by

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

life through an iphone pt. like 1000 now

So its been busy over here, sorry for the absence from blogging its been a roller coaster of life. Nothing bad of course, just a million things to have to be done and do and they all decided to appear in one short month. In a nutshell I have NEVER (and I mean it) never felt busier in my life before. I picked up a job at Jacks Surf Shop cause well I needed more money and I wanted to surround myself in a fun/cool place with kids my age and boy has it been fun. Though also juggling that with my busy school schedule and lots of other life things that have made life a circus. But Lord willing I am getting through this hard month of May. Also enjoying this time before my CORE school starts, which is all my dental clinicals, which means I will no longer have a life other than school for the next year and a couple months. Having faith and continual praise to our God for being present, faithful, and loving. 

if you follow me on snapchat well then you see these selfies on the daily. 
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Here comes some exciting stuff.... It was Hannah's 21st birthday!!! finally my best friend is 21. It was a full week of celebrating the special birthday lady. Franny and I decorated her whole room (tradition) and then wrote on her car. Then we went out that night and at midnight she ordered her first drink! Then we did fun things in the week like going to a cool bar in Laguna and a day trip in Santa Barbara riding bikes and going out for drinks in Downtown. Cheers to my sister/bestie for being 21 and cheers to many going out to happy hour nights!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lake House Weekend

If you know me, you know one of my favorite places ever is Mitch's lake house. I did not grow up going to lakes or places like this so when I first started to date Mitchell he brought me to his lake house and I feel madly in love, with the lake house of course ;)
Since then it has been one of my top adventure places. I have had the advantage of being Mitch's girlfriend to go to the lake house all the time. I have found a love for wake boarding, knee boarding, learning new water sports, and just hanging on the boat. Their house is loaded with fun, you are never bored. And for someone like me that likes to be busy with fun activities, this is the place for me. It is also so fun hearing Mitchell talk about past memories there and watching him do all the fun lake stuff that he is oh so good at. Goodness he is so handsome.
 I now will forever (hopefully) be a lake lady and have a boat and a lake house. #dreamlife

This past weekend I got to meet Mitchell and his UCSB friends our at the house. We had such a fun time being out on the lake, playing games, watching Star Wars and just hanging out. It was full of fun fun fun. And being able to eat my favorite breakfast burritos of course. 
I don't get the chance to see Mitchell a lot since he is off at school, but its weekends like this that I get to be with him and cry when we have to part. 
Thankful for a fun and safe weekend with Gods glorious creation out at the lake.