Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lake House Weekend

If you know me, you know one of my favorite places ever is Mitch's lake house. I did not grow up going to lakes or places like this so when I first started to date Mitchell he brought me to his lake house and I feel madly in love, with the lake house of course ;)
Since then it has been one of my top adventure places. I have had the advantage of being Mitch's girlfriend to go to the lake house all the time. I have found a love for wake boarding, knee boarding, learning new water sports, and just hanging on the boat. Their house is loaded with fun, you are never bored. And for someone like me that likes to be busy with fun activities, this is the place for me. It is also so fun hearing Mitchell talk about past memories there and watching him do all the fun lake stuff that he is oh so good at. Goodness he is so handsome.
 I now will forever (hopefully) be a lake lady and have a boat and a lake house. #dreamlife

This past weekend I got to meet Mitchell and his UCSB friends our at the house. We had such a fun time being out on the lake, playing games, watching Star Wars and just hanging out. It was full of fun fun fun. And being able to eat my favorite breakfast burritos of course. 
I don't get the chance to see Mitchell a lot since he is off at school, but its weekends like this that I get to be with him and cry when we have to part. 
Thankful for a fun and safe weekend with Gods glorious creation out at the lake. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

mexican food + my bestie

This weekend Franny and I had such a fun time being well.... us. 
If you were to ask me, we are literally the same person in different bodies. Our jokes, humor, ideas, interest, you name it. We always end up doing the most random/fun stuff at any hour of the day. 
This weekend consisted of
+sharing nachos and margaritas overlooking the beach sunset (dreamy I know)
+driving up PCH blasting oldies
+looking at model homes and seeing how many free water bottles and snacks we can collect
+taking funny selfies
+and just being goofy

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Fun

Easter if my favorite, my absolute favorite. Its even hard to describe my feelings towards the happiness I feel. That might be over the top but you get it. This Easter I was able to spend with Mitchell and his family. It was so so wonderful to see Mitchell since I haven't been able to hangout with him since before New Zealand! That's over like 3 weeks people. That was 3 weeks too long. Anyways...
It was such a glorious day celebrating our risen savior. One of the reasons why and the main reason why I love Easter, is because of the time of celebration. That our loving Jesus paid the debt of our sin, rose from the grave and defeated death. To have a loving Heavenly Father that we can call upon and that one day I will be able to see Him face to face. Hallelujah, praise Jesus!

We stayed at Mitchells lake house which is one of my favorite places, went to church, and had a lovely day eating, hanging with family, and just enjoying the beautiful day. 
It was so much fun being able to hang with my best friend again. When that much time goes by without seeing each other, we meet again and its like we never left each others side. I just adore Mitchell so much. He has a beautiful heart for the Lord, funny, sweet, smart, adventures, you name it. We always know how to laugh and have the greatest time. Also hanging with the Hadley family is so fun. And plus lots of fun time with baby Trey that is growing up before our eyes!
Hope everyone out there had a fun Easter! 

 ^^because this is possibly my favorite photo of us